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Latest|3 August, 2023

Singing Byrd joyfully!

Here’s Becky’s report of our wonderful Byrd ‘Come and Sing’ day held at Temple Church, London, as part of last month’s Festival marking 400th years since Byrd’s death.

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Latest|4 May, 2022

The Mystic Rose

Helen and James preview the first performances of our new programme The Mystic Rose, which we sing for the first time in Oxford on Wednesday 18th May.

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Latest|1 May, 2022

Ending on a high

We rounded off our latest US tour with a very enjoyable stay in N Carolina – two beautiful venues and some wonderful scenery to enjoy. Helen has the story.

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Latest|28 April, 2022

On a (lobster) roll

Here’s Andrew’s account of an eventful few days in New England: a travel disaster offset by some wonderful hospitality and a whole lot of natural beauty.

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Latest|23 April, 2022

A golden day in St Louis

Becky has the first instalment of our latest tour blog, as we explored the city of St Louis and returned to sing in the extraordinary acoustics of the Cathedral Basilica.

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Latest|5 September, 2021

Back on the Road!

Jonathan has the story of our first performance on foreign soil since before the pandemic struck — a return to the wonderful Utrecht Early Music Festival, where we sang music by Dowland and Giles Swayne with oud player Rihab Azar.

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Latest|27 January, 2021

Father of the Renaissance

Ahead of the release of our Decca Classics debut ‘The Golden Renaissance: Josquin’, find out about the career of this extraordinary composer, and why his music still casts such a spell today.

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Latest|20 January, 2021

Stile Antico and COVID-19

The pandemic has brought great challenges for musicians, but has also sparked plenty of innovative thinking. Read about what we’ve been getting up to, and find out how to support us through these uncertain times.

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Blog|2 December, 2020

Anticipating an audience!

Our first concerts to in-person audiences since March are almost here! Here’s Kate, introducing our new programme and describing how the group is feeling about returning to live performance.

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Latest|17 November, 2019

Mountain wanderings

Helen has the final update from last week’s US tour: “I’m writing this back in Blighty, a few days after we returned from our latest US Tourette. It was certainly a whirlwind trip, and a particularly chilly whirlwind in Vermont! Luckily we had a classically warm welcome at least for our return to St Johnsbury….

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Latest|10 November, 2019

Never too cold for ice cream!

Emma takes up the story of our US travels as we reach the beautiful state of Vermont. “After a fairly late end to the evening (at least by our body clocks) it was a little painful to get up early for a day involving 2 flights, a drive, a rehearsal and a concert. However, all…

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