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Blog|22 February, 2015


Becky defied her jet-lag to pen our first blog of the tour: “Since we will be spending over two weeks over here in the States, we felt it was important to begin the acclimatisation process (both meteorological and gastronomical) early on. So it was on with the thermals and the woolly hats and off for…

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Blog|21 February, 2015

Safely across the pond

After a gruelling travel day, with an unscheduled and not-entirely-welcome extra two hours to savour the delights of Washington Dulles airport, we’re safely ensconced in our hotel in Durham, NC, and looking forward to giving our tour-opening concert in the beautiful chapel at Duke University. More tomorrow!

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Blog|19 February, 2015

It’s a wrap!

It’s been a whirlwind week for Stile Antico. Tomorrow morning we fly to the US to begin a two-week, eight-concert tour, but whilst we were collecting visas, packing suitcases and viewing alarmingly chilly weather forecasts, we had the small matter of a recording to deal with. Stile Antico has been happily signed to Harmonia Mundi…

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Blog|12 January, 2015

Sur le Pont d’Avignon…

Our first concert of 2015 was in beautiful Avignon. Andrew writes: “Had we been asked to pick a location for our first concert of the year, in the depths of a drearily wet British winter, Avignon would have been pretty high on our list. And for a mediaeval-buildings-geek like me, the chance to see this amazingly…

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Blog|17 October, 2014

Return to Sion

Eleanor filed this report from the Swiss Rhône valley. “We are always delighted to return to the Basilique de Valère in Sion, and I was particularly delighted to fly out a few days early in order to appreciate the mountain scenery. This is not only because I enjoyed some stunning walks from the nearby village of…

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Blog|16 March, 2014

High Spirits in St Louis

Our final concert, in St Louis, MO, took place in perhaps our most stunning venue yet – the vast Basilica Cathedral. Having performed the programme five times already, we limited our rehearsal to an hour or so, giving us time for a relaxing lunch in sunny Missouri. Some of us were more relaxed than others…

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Blog|15 March, 2014

Gibbons in Orlando

Unlikely place for early music? Here’s Ben with a round-up on a great day in Florida… and some bad puns. “Since the first snowy stop in Boston the excitement had been growing about the potential for a bit of seaside fun in Florida, and when we finally arrived yesterday it didn’t disappoint. After landing in…

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Blog|14 March, 2014

Deep South, Deep Fried

Correspondent Kate blogs from Jackson, MS “Our editor, in his wisdom, has attempted to ban any more references to food, since this blog seems to be turning into a culinary critique, but I’m afraid I will have to disobey straightaway and tell you all about our fantastic meal in Jackson, MS. The Mississippi Academy of…

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Blog|13 March, 2014

An Unresolved Case

“What are the EXACT measurements of Eleanor’s largest suitcase?” A question that has challenged luggage experts for decades. Here, to end years of speculation and suspense, is Eleanor’s answer: “Committed as I am to travelling light, the largest suitcase I own measures a mere 55x35x25cm. There are several reasons for choosing a small case, the…

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Blog|12 March, 2014

A Night in Nashville

One night in the home of Honky Tonk – an update from one car as the convoy hurtles down the freeway… After a civilised getting-up time this morning we picked up two hire cars from Cincinnati airport, in order to head to Nashville. Thankfully American cars have plenty of room for six people and six…

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Blog|11 March, 2014

Sunny Cincinnati

Emma blogs on a successful return to Cincinnati! “Today started, well, yesterday. After a less-than-ideal travel day we eventually reached the Garfield suites hotel at 1.15am. After the most welcome night’s sleep of the tour so far, we were treated to a fabulous brunch of bacon, eggs, pastries and fruit salad in Kate and Becky’s…

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Blog|10 March, 2014

Unexpected Pentagon Visit

Ben looks back on a long trip to Cincinnati “The day started well enough…. … but took a turn for the worse. No tour would be complete without at least one day where the travel plans cascade in front of us like a line of dominoes. It only takes one slight delay to a flight…

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