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Blog|3 April, 2013

Left behind…

A message from Kate: “As the rest of the group is busy preparing for the tour by clearing their inboxes, loading their iPods (other digital music players are available) and getting their hair cut, I am stuck at home doing…..not much. Very sadly, I won’t be joining the group for the forthcoming tour to the…

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Blog|2 April, 2013

A final spit and polish

This morning found us at St Sepulchre-without-Newgate in the City of London, just up the road from St Paul’s Cathedral.  St Sep’s has been our unofficial home for several years, possessing as it does a winning (and surprisingly rare) combination of good acoustics, multiple spaces, reliable heating and modern kitchen and bathroom facilities: everything an early…

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Blog|1 April, 2013

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics: or, How A Tour Comes To Be

A major international tour is quite an undertaking.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving ten concerts for ten different promoters in ten different cities, leading three masterclasses and recording several performances for radio.  We’ll be staying in nine different hotels, and once with host families; taking ten flights, two ferries and hiring three…

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Blog|31 March, 2013

Happy Easter!

The Easter Vigil is complete – the new flame kindled, the Paschal candle lit, the Exsultet sung and the risen Christ welcomed with bells, the Gloria, and the sound of the organ, silent throughout the austere Lenten season.  Easter morning has been celebrated with an orchestral mass, and perhaps a dash of Mascagni.  And church…

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Blog|30 March, 2013

A tasting menu

‘Passion and Resurrection’, our first tour programme, is tightly programmed around a specific theme.  Our second, ‘Treasures of the Renaissance’, could hardly be more different.  Its theme, if it has one, is variety: we have tried to create the most colourful, energetic and diverse programme we could – one which will appeal equally to the…

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Blog|29 March, 2013

Good Friday

Today – Good Friday – seems a good time to talk about ‘Passion and Resurrection’, one of the two programmes we’ll be taking across the Atlantic next week. Holy Week is the climax of the liturgical calendar, and for the singers of Stile Antico it is invariably one of the busiest of the year.  The…

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Blog|28 March, 2013


Welcome to our new blog!  We’ll be using this space to bring you the very latest news and pictures from our April 2013 tour of the US and Canada.  More soon – but for now, here are the all-important concert dates: 5th April: Cambridge, MA 6th April: New Haven, CT 7th April: Westport, CT 11th…

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