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Blog|8 October, 2013

Confessions of an Errant Tenor

Ben didn’t have the best of mornings… “Some bad things happened today. We knocked another hole in our carbon credentials with hundreds more miles driven by our convoy; some of us (okay, just me) succumbed to a late-morning burger at the Golden Arches. One car in the fleet (okay, yes, mine) put too much faith…

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Blog|7 October, 2013

Touring for two

Back in April, we had to leave Kate behind.  This time, she’s brought company… “Anyone who thinks touring is glamorous has never spent their evening holed up in the bathroom typing a tour blog and waiting for a takeaway pizza to arrive. Odd behaviour? To be fair, the rest of the group are currently enjoying an all-expenses-paid dinner at a fine…

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Blog|6 October, 2013

Lonely in Poughkeepsie

Today’s blog is brought to you by a love-lorn Jim… “Every so often, a day lasts a peculiar length of time; Saturday 5th October, for example, began twenty-seven hours ago and has still two to run. Touring musicians must learn to take this oddity resultant of crossing longitudinal lines in their strides, forcing themselves to…

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Blog|4 October, 2013

The Phoenix Takes Wing

As usual, we’ll be taking two different programmes with us on tour to the US.  Alongside Treasures of the Renaissance, which we performed and wrote about back in April (see A Tasting Menu), we’ll be singing our newest programme, The Phoenix Rising, which shares its title and repertoire with our most recent recording on Harmonia…

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Blog|3 October, 2013

Back on our travels!

It may be only five months since we finished our three-week April tour of the US and Canada, but on Saturday morning we’ll be heading back across the Atlantic, this time to broker a resolution to the government shut-down for a series of six concerts.  Once again we’ll do our best to bring you a daily blog…

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Blog|22 April, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We’re safely back in the UK after a whirlwind three weeks: ten concerts, ten flights and 14,500+ miles under our belts.  Our tour ended yesterday in New York City where, after a gloriously sunny morning variously spent sightseeing in Lower Manhattan, running, scaling the Rockefeller Center or sampling the delights of Sunday brunch at the…

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Blog|21 April, 2013

New York, New York

Yesterday was a quiet day, travelling between Kansas City and New York, so instead of giving you a blow-by-blow account of the merits of various American airports, we thought we’d ask our newest member, Tom, to give us some thoughts on his first tour with Stile Antico. “Wandering the streets of New York on the last…

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Blog|20 April, 2013

We’re not in Kansas any more…

Eleanor writes about our concert in Kansas City (yes, we know it’s actually in Missouri!): “Katie wasn’t the only one to take things easy yesterday. Normally we’re keen to make use of every last second in a new city, but by this stage in a tour we have to preserve all the energy we have…

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Blog|19 April, 2013

A rib too far?

Poor Katie isn’t feeling her best this morning… “There are few worse times in the world to be feeling ill than on tour, when you’re thousands of miles from home. “Unfortunately, however, that is my lot this morning, having had a sleepless night for more reasons than just the over-excitable group of teenage volleyball players…

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Blog|18 April, 2013

Davidson to DC

Becky brings you today’s blog! “Helen and I were woken at 7.30am by our wonderful host Mary as she was determined to send us off with a hearty Southern breakfast. We were ordered to be downstairs for 8am sharp! We duly arrived at the breakfast table only a few minutes late, suitcases all packed, and were treated to a…

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Blog|17 April, 2013

Some Like It Hot: Davidson, Day 2.

Jim blogs on our second day in Davidson: “One of the many pleasures of touring is the element of exploration: visiting cities across the globe, experiencing foreign cultures, performing in weird and wonderful venues, and meeting myriad new people; another is returning to a familiar favourite: revisiting a far-flung town, understanding a culture (or, at…

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Blog|16 April, 2013

Davidson: Day One

A refreshed Ben writes: “After one of the most gruelling travel days in Stile Antico history, we finally reached Davidson, NC, just after midnight.  There was a huge sense of relief as we stepped out of the car into the warm, summery air. We were met by a welcoming party made up of the lovely…

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