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Blog|6 March, 2015

“O-H! I-O!”

Eleanor shows us all that hard work has its rewards… “Leaving the others to get even more sunburned in Miami Beach, Andrew and I flew to a snowy Columbus late on Wednesday night. This was so that we could drive to the nearby Oberlin Conservatory of Music the following day. Education work is an important part…

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Blog|5 March, 2015

Technical hitch

After a week of tightly-packed concerts, Wednesday’s day off in Miami Beach was meant to be relaxing. It didn’t quite work out like that… Ben has the story. “Frankly we’re pretty relieved to be waking up today with all our limbs still attached having spent yesterday morning getting up close and personal with alligators in…

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Blog|4 March, 2015

Crab and Lobster

Andrew writes this report from a sun-kissed Miami Beach. “It’s fair to say that after ten days in the USA, we have become connoisseurs of cold. There is the gentle, unseasonable chill of North Carolina, or the hard, desiccated freeze of Kansas City; then there is the gnawing cold of New York City, or the crunch…

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Blog|3 March, 2015

Bottled water, free range eggs, and a proper cup of tea

Emma has a few things to get off her chest… “They say a choir marches on its stomach… OK, maybe they don’t, but food and drink seems to be a predominant theme of conversation among this particular ensemble. Three things in particular have been occupying our various gastronomic thoughts: “First, and with more of an…

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Blog|2 March, 2015

Full of Beans

Eleanor filed this report of our day in t̶h̶e̶ ̶A̶r̶c̶t̶i̶c̶  Boston. “Following a week of substantial and wholesome brunches, we had our first ‘polystyrene breakfast’ of the tour, courtesy of La Quinta. Having fought our way through the crowds to grab our few customary bagels and muffins and the odd plastic knife, we made our way to…

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Latest|1 March, 2015

Frozen Apple

Will blogs about a whirlwind visit to NYC. “The last 24 or so hours have been one of the more intense times of the tour, with the generally-despised combo of a 6am alarm call, two flights, and a concert, all in the same day. “With an alarm clock success rate of almost 100%, and temperatures…

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Blog|28 February, 2015

There’s No Place Like Kansas

As we wait at the airport for our early flight to New York City, our longstanding bass deputy, James Arthur, filed this report from Kansas City: “Despite it being -12C outside we have yet again received the warmest of welcomes in Kansas, the Mid-West City split between the States of Kansas and Missouri. To say a…

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Blog|27 February, 2015

Prescriptions a for successful trip

An distinctly uneventful travel day from DC to Kansas City prompted Kate to ponder the state of her health… “One question we get asked frequently is “How do you stay healthy on a long tour?”. Being on the road for two weeks, and having concerts most nights, tends to bring out any (barely) concealed hypochondriac…

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Blog|26 February, 2015

A Day in DC

Andrew brings us up to date on a busy 24 hours in Washington DC: “After Tuesday’s eight-hour car journey from Davidson to DC, it was time for a change of pace. Helen, who is in charge of researching a ‘parallel itinerary’ (aka the fun stuff: where to eat and what to see) on these trips, had…

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Blog|25 February, 2015

Driving from A to Z

Helen offers a handy guide to the thrills and spills of life on the interstate. “Tuesday has been a day of driving – tackling the seven-hour drive between Davidson and Washington DC. We all love the chance to get behind the wheel in America and sample a bit of the all-American road trip experience. We…

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Blog|24 February, 2015

Dep on Tour: Observations

The debut blog of the inimitable tenor Ben Clark, touring with us in place of Jim, who has stayed home with his little baby Henry. “It’s the rehearsal for our concert in Davidson. The group have recorded this programme, oh yes. Everyone looks relaxed, chatting, drinking tea. Do they know the fear in my head? The…

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Blog|23 February, 2015

Easy like Sunday morning

Katie has today’s blog: “The second day of a long tour can often be one of the most tiring of all. By this point, the excitement of having arrived in the States has just about worn off, and the time difference has crept up on us all with a vengeance. We were particularly pleased, then,…

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