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17 November, 2019

Mountain wanderings

Helen has the final update from last week’s US tour:

“I’m writing this back in Blighty, a few days after we returned from our latest US Tourette. It was certainly a whirlwind trip, and a particularly chilly whirlwind in Vermont! Luckily we had a classically warm welcome at least for our return to St Johnsbury. It was a pleasure to be back here, and the pre-concert catering was some of the finest we’ve sampled. We were told that the chef had grown nearly all the ingredients herself as well!

“We were lucky enough to perform to a packed church, including some amazingly well behaved children! After the concert we were billeted out to various hosts. Ross and I headed off into the night with Roo and Chrissy. We stayed up long into the night discussing politics and the state of the world (turns out there’s rather a lot to discuss at the moment!), and were pleased to be woken early with the traditional Vermont breakfast: pancakes, bacon and maple syrup.”

Our only mission that day was to get from St Johnsbury to Boston in time for our evening flight. Given the warnings about impending Vermont snowfall, we left promptly, and stopped for a wintry walk in the White Mountain National Forest. This is a beautiful, enormous state park that is part of the Appalachian trail. We parked up and headed to the visitors centre, only to discover it was closed for the winter. The benefit of that was that the usual 16 dollar fee for the boardwalk was waived, which made some people’s day!

We set off anyway, on the hunt for moose and even the occasional bear. Sadly we didn’t see anything bigger than a chipmunk but there was some stunning scenery and some even more stunning icicles.

“Having earned out lunch, we headed down for lunch on the lake at Meredith and then a quick panic buying of presents at a lovely bookshop in Concord.

After that it was time to get on the plane and say farewell to America for another few months. It had been a short trip but busy enough that we felt like we’d been away for ever!! We’re looking forward to some more wintry weather in February in DC, but hopefully a little less snow than last time!