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Review: Live Performances

Outstanding review of Stile’s Boston concert

Stile Antico gets better and better… What we heard in the glorious St. Paul space was not only beautiful sound from the well-matched and perfectly tuned voices, but fine rhythmic sensitivity to the nuances of attack and phrasing that make this music a joy both to sing and to hear… a magnificent conclusion to a richly varied and rewarding program.

Virginia Newes, Boston Musical Intelligencer (11 March, 2014)

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Sunny Cincinnati

On Tour 11 March, 2014

Sunny Cincinnati

Emma blogs on a successful return to Cincinnati!

Cathedral of St Peter in Chains

“Today started, well, yesterday. After a less-than-ideal travel day we eventually reached the Garfield suites hotel at 1.15am. After the most welcome night’s sleep of the tour so far, we were treated to a fabulous brunch of bacon, eggs, pastries and fruit salad in Kate and... continued

Review: Live Performances

The Boston Globe on Stile’s 50th US concert

It was the Agnus Dei of Byrd’s Mass and John Taverner’s “O splendor gloriae” that gave the fullest account of what Stile Antico can do. Each had the group’s unique sound, which balances richness and clarity and varies color and texture in sync with the text. Both were meticulously paced, building logically to... continued

David Weininger, The Boston Globe (10 March, 2014)

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Unexpected Pentagon Visit

On Tour 10 March, 2014

Unexpected Pentagon Visit

Ben looks back on a long trip to Cincinnati

“The day started well enough….

Leaving New York

… but took a turn for the worse. No tour would be complete without at least one day where the travel plans cascade in front of us like a line of dominoes. It only takes one slight delay to a flight for the intricate web of connections to become a... continued

Noo Yoik

On Tour 9 March, 2014

Noo Yoik

Katie’s foody foray

“One thing that never disappoints when we tour to the USA is the food. From enormous pepperoni pizzas to racks of BBQ ribs, clam chowder in Boston to ‘grits’, the savoury corn-based porridge popular in the mid-Western and Southern states, there is always something to surprise even the most well-travelled of tastebuds.

“We have had some... continued

Celebrating a Fabulous 50th

On Tour 8 March, 2014

Celebrating a Fabulous 50th

Becky blogs in Boston

“Our first full day of the tour saw us celebrate our fiftieth concert in the US! We awoke to brilliant sunshine and blue skies – well, most of us woke first in the very early hours of the morning, as the day was beginning back at home, but managed to doze off again until Boston morning began. Talk at breakfast was... continued

Cinema in the Sky

On Tour 7 March, 2014

Cinema in the Sky

London to Boston: a round-up from Ben, and a few words from Stile Antico’s in-flight film critics

“As big travel days go, yesterday was pretty good. We breezed through Terminal 5, British Airways delivered us on time and no one was interrogated by a border officer on arrival. For most of us, the one redeeming feature of being stuck in a tin can for... continued

At Home with Thomas Ashby Vann

On Tour 6 March, 2014

At Home with Thomas Ashby Vann

Florida is nothing compared to Helen’s little ray of sunshine!

“While the others are jetting off stateside I’m sadly going to be left at home holding the baby. Literally.
Thomas was born on the 6th of February so he’s exactly a month old today, and we thought that might be a little early to inflict his first transatlantic flight on... continued

The Phoenix flies again!

On Tour 5 March, 2014

The Phoenix flies again!

Kate shares some thoughts on the programme we’ll be performing.

“On this tour, for the first time ever on a States trip, we will be taking just one programme – The Phoenix Rising. It is always a real pleasure to repeat the same programme in different venues, especially when it is packed full of some of our favourite music.

“Andrew gave you a... continued

Two Days and Counting...

On Tour 4 March, 2014

Two Days and Counting…

Will looks forward to a landmark US concert…

“So, here we go again!  This Thursday sees Stile Antico head across the big pond for our 9th tour of the US.  It’s something we all look forward to very much, since we always receive a warm reception from audiences, hosts, and cabin crew; it’s wonderful to meet new people and visit new places;... continued

News 19 February, 2014

Stile Antico Foundation announced

Stile Antico is delighted to announce the formation of the Stile Antico Foundation, a charitable trust which will play a major role in the group’s future. The new Foundation will be launched at an intimate London concert on 21st March.

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