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Review: From the Imperial Court

The New York Times on From the Imperial Court

Lucid and fresh-sounding, the young, prolific vocal ensemble Stile Antico sings an intriguing program of 15th- and 16th-century works written for the Habsburg courts of Europe. The group is particularly superb, with tremendous dynamic range, in motets of mourning like Pierre de la Rue’s “Absalon fili mi” and Alonso Lobo’s “Versa est in luctum”.

Zachary Woolfe, New York Times (23 July, 2014)

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Review: Live Performances

The Standard relishes Stile at the Wigmore Hall

Twelve voices singing unaccompanied, without a conductor, Stile Antico achieve miracles of precision in ensemble and tuning… But a group of settings of the erotic Song of Solomon showed that they could be sensuous too… they were no less accomplished in Watkins’ elegiacally beautiful setting of Shakespeare’s enigmatic allegory.

Barry Millington, London Evening Standard (12 May, 2014)

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News 12 May, 2014

Stile Antico gives world premiere at Wigmore Hall

Last night Stile Antico was thrilled to give world premiere of Huw Watkins‘ new work The Phoenix and the Turtle, commissioned by Nicholas and Judith Goodison especially for the group to perform at the Wigmore Hall. Huw’s piece, a setting of an enigmatic poem by Shakespeare (with intriguing links to William Byrd), was... continued

High Spirits in St Louis

On Tour 16 March, 2014

High Spirits in St Louis

Our final concert, in St Louis, MO, took place in perhaps our most stunning venue yet – the vast Basilica Cathedral.

Having performed the programme five times already, we limited our rehearsal to an hour or so, giving us time for a relaxing lunch in sunny Missouri. Some of us were more relaxed than others – poor Tom waited in vain for his bag... continued

Gibbons in Orlando

On Tour 15 March, 2014

Gibbons in Orlando

Unlikely place for early music? Here’s Ben with a round-up on a great day in Florida… and some bad puns.

Palm trees are always a good sign

“Since the first snowy stop in Boston the excitement had been growing about the potential for a bit of seaside fun in Florida, and when we finally arrived yesterday it didn’t disappoint. After landing in Orlando... continued

Deep South, Deep Fried

On Tour 14 March, 2014

Deep South, Deep Fried

Correspondent Kate blogs from Jackson, MS

“Our editor, in his wisdom, has attempted to ban any more references to food, since this blog seems to be turning into a culinary critique, but I’m afraid I will have to disobey straightaway and tell you all about our fantastic meal in Jackson, MS. The Mississippi Academy of Ancient Music is run by the... continued

An Unresolved Case

On Tour 13 March, 2014

An Unresolved Case

“What are the EXACT measurements of Eleanor’s largest suitcase?”

A question that has challenged luggage experts for decades. Here, to end years of speculation and suspense, is Eleanor’s answer:

“Committed as I am to travelling light, the largest suitcase I own measures a mere 55x35x25cm. There are several reasons for choosing a small case, the most... continued

A Night in Nashville

On Tour 12 March, 2014

A Night in Nashville

One night in the home of Honky Tonk – an update from one car as the convoy hurtles down the freeway…

Boots, stetsons and the Johnny Cash museum – it’s Nashville!

After a civilised getting-up time this morning we picked up two hire cars from Cincinnati airport, in order to head to Nashville. Thankfully American cars have plenty of room for six... continued

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