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Song of Songs

Opera News on Song of Songs

The members of Stile Antico dig into their vocal lines as if they are physically pressing against one another, so tight is their ensemble, so gracefully conjoined their vocal timbres… The blanket of sound creates an effect that is, not to put too fine a point on it, orgasmic.

Joanne Sydney Lessner, Opera News (13 November, 2009)

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Song of Songs’s verdict on Song of Songs

Were one to listen only to the virtually ideal opening of the impressive motet Ego flos Campi by Clemens non Papa, any lover of vocal polyphony would immediately recognise the interpretative rank of this group. With this new recording the ensemble underscores its quickly-established, impressive status.

Matthias Lange, (24 June, 2009)

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Song of Songs

10/10 from Classics Today

We should be grateful that the remarkable young British vocal ensemble Stile Antico are the polished and stylish vehicle for transmitting this beauty and truth to our ears, and they do this consistently throughout a program that will intrigue and entice all Renaissance choral music fans.

David Vernier, Classics Today (27 April, 2009)

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