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Music for Compline

Choir and Organ enjoys Music for Compline

Choir and Organ (April 2007)

This is one of those alchemic discs with a total greater than the sum of its parts. Although the programme is not under-recorded, the group still manages to bring something new to each piece by leaving well alone, treating the music with reverence and allowing the polyphony to unfold naturally. The false relations in Sheppard’s In manus tuas III are a good example of allowing the music to speak for itself – a temptation that has got the better of many more established groups than this – but the highlight of this disc must be Tallis’s extraordinarily inventive seven-part dual canon Miserere nostri. This is as near-perfect a recording as you will find of this repertoire, and one that sounds as fresh as the Tallis Scholars did 25 years ago.