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Media Vita

Media Vita reviewed in St Louis

Sarah Bryan Miller, St Louis Post-Dispatch (1 March, 2010)

I was blown away by the happy surprise of this near-flawless recording of choral music by the too-little-known Tudor-era composer John Sheppard. Stile Antico is a remarkable group of 14 young British singers who sing with style, blend, intelligence and clarity: the music here is gorgeous, and so is the music-making. The centerpiece in this cleanly made recording is the title anthem, a monumental setting (at close to 30 minutes long) of the Nunc dimittis that ranks as one of the greatest pieces of choral writing in its era. There is not, however, a wasted note on the entire disc. Stile Antico, which won a Grammy [Gramophone Award] in 2009, shows by this effort that the group has staying power. I look forward to hearing the rest of their oeuvre.