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Stile Antico announces new member

3 January, 2017

Stile Antico is delighted to announce the appointment of Tom Kelly as its new tenor member. A former Chorister at St Paul’s Cathedral and Lay Clerk at New College, Oxford, Tom has sung with groups such as the Monteverdi Choir, Sixteen, Gabrieli Consort and Collegium Vocale Gent. He was chosen from a very strong field of applicants, and will be familiar to Stile Antico audiences already, having toured with the group extensively during 2016 as part of his trial period. We are delighted that he has accepted our invitation to join Stile Antico, and look forward to working with him over the years to come. Tom writes: “I’m really excited to become part of Stile Antico. They are a fantastic team of musicians, and I look forward to working with them to create some unforgettable music”.


Tom replaces Jim Clements who, after seven years’ tenorial tenure, has decided to focus on his parallel career as a composer and arranger, whilst transitioning to baritone and spending more time with his young family. We are hugely grateful to Jim for all that he has brought to Stile Antico, and wish him the very best for the future; he will be much missed. We asked him to pen a few words on his departure from the group, and he obliged in inimitable fashion:

“Have you ever wandered, bewilderingly lost, about a concert platform, mid-performance?

“Had a spotlight explode above your head on a final chord?

“Or watched rain falling onto an audience, inside a church?

“Seven years ago, I could thrice have answered ‘no’, but singing in 246 concerts as a member of Stile Antico since then has provided me ample opportunity to witness the peculiar. I feel immensely privileged that it’s also allowed me to be part of the frequently spectacular; performing in amazing venues all around the world as one twelfth of a fantastic ensemble.

“Why, then, am I leaving? Principally, because I have decided that I am actually a baritone, rather than a tenor! As Stile Antico is a group of fixed membership, and there is only one permanent baritonal berth, this realisation has necessitated my resignation; however, I’m hopeful that there may be occasional need for an extra baritone, perhaps on a tour of somewhere nice and hot….

“P.S. Have you ever somersaulted into an Estonian snowdrift at 3am?”