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Cuenca concert praised

El Espagnol (8 April, 2023)

We were talking a few days ago about the 60th Week of Religious Music in Cuenca. We have had the opportunity to attend some of their most important concerts…

With the all-encompassing title of Gaude, Gaude, Gaude, Maria, we heard wonderful music from the Elizabethan era, that of William Byrd, whose fourth centenary of death is celebrated, highlighted in particular. Nine of his pieces were presented, each one most beautiful, by the twelve voices of the miraculous British group Stile Antico. Three sopranos, three mezzos, three tenors and three basses, who act without a conductor and who command the polyphonic style like few others. They are perfectly assembled and well-tuned, balanced and united.

The timbres are attractive and are always appropriate to the style, truly serving alternatim sections, contrapuntal combinations, contrasting lines in pieces for four or more voices, and unisons. Noteworthy was the sweetness of the Agnus of the Mass in four parts. Alongside those by Byrd were works by Parsons, Sheppard and Taverner, whose Ave Dei patris filia closed the concert.