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O gentle (lack of) sleep

12 April, 2016

Thank you to lovely soprano Becky for writing this instalment of our blog!
5.20am. Alarm goes off. Stumble out of bed. Find some clothes. Put them on.

So began our Berkeley concert day. After the short flight to San Francisco (or Frisco as I gather it is known), we were transferred almost directly into rehearsal. A delicious lunch courtesy of the Musical Offering music shop and cafe delivered to the venue was much appreciated by all before we cracked on with the hard work of rehearsing some quite tricky repertoire.

A few of us took advantage of the short break between rehearsal and concert to swim in the beautiful pool at our hotel, the Berkeley City Club, a wonderful building from 1930 with many original features.


I particularly admired the bathroom in my room.


As our body clocks were somewhat ahead of California time at that point we felt extremely grateful for the 4pm concert time at the First Congregational Church, Berkeley. A fabulous building with a truly wonderful and rewarding acoustic for performers and listeners alike. We were very kindly treated to a reception afterwards at the afore-mentioned Musical Offering hosted by The San Francisco Early Music Society and very much enjoyed meeting supporters of the society and other audience members. A very tasty home-cooked meal of spring pea soup and spinach quiche was laid on just for us afterwards, which we ate seated round a table in the middle of the shop, surrounded by CDs. Then on to cocktails but the less said about that the better!

Most of us enjoyed a lovely swim in the morning (I had a blissful few moments with the pool to myself, which I love). The only drawback was having to adhere to the hotel’s rule of those with longer hair wearing swimming caps so I purchased a fetching blue one from the hotel reception desk. I do wish I had a photo of Emma modelling it to share with you but sadly I do not! She looked gorgeous in it as I’m sure you can imagine.

After breakfast in the magnificent dining room (above) off we all went to Oakland airport for more flying; two flights to take us to our next destination, Concord NH. So poor Molly had to spend most of her birthday in planes and airports but I hope the company and silly presents will have made up for it.


The exciting moment of an otherwise dull day of travelling was the final leg of our journey from airport to hotel in a party bus, complete with bar (sadly dry…), blue-tooth music system and laser lighting!

The glamour...

The glamour…

Our next blog will come to you from Concord, NH, where we have just arrived (and where it is now 1.30am!) Check back soon for the next update from Will.