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20 April, 2013

We’re not in Kansas any more…

Eleanor writes about our concert in Kansas City (yes, we know it’s actually in Missouri!):

“Katie wasn’t the only one to take things easy yesterday. Normally we’re keen to make use of every last second in a new city, but by this stage in a tour we have to preserve all the energy we have left to put into our performances. And after last night’s excesses, even our usual meal-time excursions seemed unnecessary. So it was a pretty uneventful morning and afternoon.  Resisting the temptations that Kansas City has to offer, most of us limited our activities to a brief stroll and an afternoon nap. Fully intending to get back on track with revision for my exams in May (see Monday’s blog) I instead found that after just one hour I was unable to keep my eyes open any longer!

Kansas City Public Library

Kansas City Public Library

“Later in the day, we headed over to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and were delighted to discover what a stunning acoustic it has. We always enjoy singing together and sharing wonderful music with our audiences, but a good acoustic is the icing on the cake. It was also great to notice so many children in the audience; it’s clear that the parents of Kansas City are successfully cultivating a new generation of early music fans.

Our venue in Kansas City

Our venue in Kansas City

“The drive to the post-concert party afforded us the chance to see a little more of the city, albeit under the shades of darkness, and to learn about its history from some of the knowledgeable Friends of Chamber Music staff and volunteers. We were then treated to a sumptuous feast, which was so tasty I’m sure I could have eaten it three times over, had I not been too busy conversing with my friendly fellow diners.

“Back at the hotel we maintained a long-standing tour tradition by ‘fining’ singers for the most notable misdemeanours of the trip. As always, the most common offenses related to driving or lost property, and Helen was delighted to discover that our newest member is providing her with ample competition in the latter of these categories. No fewer than three Stile drivers were fined for driving the wrong way down a one-way street, so US residents will be pleased to know that we won’t be terrorizing your roads again until October!

” Having bid goodbye to the Downtown Marriott, we’re now eagerly awaiting our flight to New York. This is our third tour in a row to end in NYC, so we know we’ll get a good send-off.”