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Sunday Evenings with Stile Antico

Sunday Evenings with Stile Antico is an acclaimed series of filmed lecture-recitals created by Stile Antico, originally screened in Autumn 2020.

Produced by the team behind the acclaimed Live From London Festival, each episode offers fascinating insight into the lives and thinking of Renaissance composers, as well as a feast of superb music, all recorded especially for this series. Join us as we take you on a unique tour through the music we love so much!

Episode One

Thomas Tallis, A Composer for All Seasons

An exploration of sixteenth-century English politics, church and music, through the lens of the works of Thomas Tallis. The music includes Tallis: Loquebantur, Salve intemerata, If ye love me, Purge me, O Lord, O sacrum convivium, Miserere nostri, God Grant with Grace, and Te lucis ante terminum.

Episode Two

Unconventional Women

A survey of the remarkable female monastic composers living and working in Renaissance Italy. The music includes Hildegard von Bingen: O viridissima Virgo; Leonora d’Este Veni, sponsa Christi and Sicut lilium inter spinas; Palestrina Sicut lilium; Rafaella Aleotti Exaudi, Deus; Victoria Versa est in luctum; Sulpitia Cesis Ascendo ad Patrem and Cantemus Domino; Andrea Gabrieli Benedictus Dominus.

Episode Three

Enchanted Music

An examination of how composers of the Renaissance incorporated medieval Gregorian chant into their compositions. The music includes Robert White, Christe qui lux es et dies III; Byrd Christe qui lux es et dies; Sheppard Gaude, gaude, gaude virgo; Gombert Magnificat Primi toni; Guerrero, Surge propera amica mea; Morales Jubilate Deo; Tallis Missa Puer natus est nobis; Byrd Miserere mihi.

Episode Four

Josquin, Master of Notes

An exploration of the enduring appeal of Josquin des Prez, one of the most influential composers of the Renaissance. The music includes Josquin: Ave Maria, Mille Regretz, El grillo, Salve regina a5; Gombert Mille regretz; Victoria Salve regina; Jacquet de Mantua Dum vastos Adriae fluctus; Morales Missa ‘Mille regretz’.

How to Watch

The recital series is hosted on the Vimeo platform. Tickets to rent each episode cost £10, or you can rent all four episodes for just £30 (a saving of £10). Your ticket entitles you to unlimited viewing for three months from the date of purchase. Individual tickets will be made available with the release of each episode, but season tickets may be pre-ordered in advance.

Watch now

Members of the group will guide you through the music and history in each 45-minute recital, filmed in 4K video in the Voces8 Centre and at St Mary Abchurch, London.

The films can be watched on computers, tablets, phones, and on televisions with any of the following capabilities: Apple TV, Android TV, ChromeCast, Roku, Amazon Fire. Please see the Vimeo viewing guide for further technical information.

If you’ve ever found yourself at a choral concert nodding sagely at references to “organum”, “alternatim” or “mensuration” without really understanding what they mean, letting them wash over you with the same evocative abstraction as the music itself, then Stile Antico’s digital series is for you.

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