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Two Days and Counting…

4 March, 2014

Will looks forward to a landmark US concert…

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“So, here we go again!  This Thursday sees Stile Antico head across the big pond for our 9th tour of the US.  It’s something we all look forward to very much, since we always receive a warm reception from audiences, hosts, and cabin crew; it’s wonderful to meet new people and visit new places; and naturally, it’s a excellent chance to fill our suitcases/bellies with American fashion’s finest/excellent pancakes.  As always, we’ll be posting news, reviews, and photos on our facebook page, twitter feed, and of course, here!

“Some very exciting things take place on this tour.  Aside from revisiting old friends in NY, Boston, Cincinnati, Jackson, and St Louis, the good people of Melbourne Chamber Music Society are treating us to our first trip to Florida, thereby ensuring that we’ll have a slightly higher average temperature for the trip.  Our first concert, in Boston is also the group’s 50th concert in the US and Canada. Given that it’s in the city where we made our US debut, it seems hugely appropriate.

“Speaking of exciting things, since our last trip, the Stile Antico Baby Factory has been hard at work, and due to the very recent arrival of Thomas Ashby Vann, we’re very sad to be leaving Helen behind. However, we’re sure that Amy will do a fine job deputising for her, both as a singer, and at her place at the contract whist table.

“This is my second experience of being the ‘tour-coordinator’, and it’s something I really enjoyed doing for our last US tour.  Essentially, most of the workload happens before we leave, and thanks to the efficiency of our US and UK agents (John and Craig with Knudsen Productions, and Sarah and Becky of Ikon Arts) it’s pretty straightforward.  Essentially, it requires me to check through updates to the itinerary and be very attentive to detail, and deliberately try to find things that might go wrong… I suppose it’s therefore quite well suited to me, given my reputation as being a pessimistic pedant!

“All that’s left for us to do is to have a rehearsal on Wednesday morning to brush off the odd cobweb, fulfil our duties in our respective churches for Ash Wednesday, and pack.  Now, has anyone seen my passport?”