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Turkeys in the Mist

10 October, 2013

Emma enjoyed our second day in glorious Vermont…


“Early risers this morning might have spotted some unusual fauna in the Vermont hills: a group of wild turkey, hotly pursued through the mist and frost by a lesser-spotted Andrew clad in summery shorts and grasping his camera.  Glancing up from his coffee cup, James was heard to wonder whether it might be mating season!


Thanksgiving meal?

“Meanwhile, the more sensible among us started the day in the warm with another delicious breakfast with our hosts in St. Johnsbury (many thanks to all those who allowed us to make use of their homes over the last two nights!).


“We then set off on the two-hour drive down to Marlboro College – and what a drive! Two hours of uninterrupted (aside from a few freezing fog patches) stunningly beautiful trees.



“We just can’t get enough of the autumn colours, and arriving at the college did not disappoint either. It is a beautifully placed campus with views for miles over the Vermont scenery, and plenty of very trendy- and young-looking students to make us all feel old.


Malboro College

“We were handsomely fed in the campus dining room, on delicious fresh food, with lots of vegetables and fruit – a welcome change from four days of rich American fare. Having met up with our hosts (and Danny and his entourage having checked-in to our delightful b&b in a stunning house built in the 1780s), we had a quick rehearsal.  One of the joys of a tour like this is that we have the luxury of performing programmes lots of times in quick succession, so we can really get into working on some of the finer details that can sometimes get a bit lost in time pressures in other concerts. This in theory means that our concerts should get better and better as the tour progresses – and I’m sure getting over jet lag helps with that too!


“After a bit of a walk around campus (with James finally getting the chance to play with a dog for the first time this tour) and another delicious meal, we gave our concert in the Ragle Hall in the performing arts department of the campus. It’s a modestly sized hall, but the highly enthusiastic audience more than made up for that. It was great to see a lot of the students there too, some of whom had come in their pyjamas!


“Then it was back to hosts’ houses after the concert to rest, in preparation for an epic 460 mile drive to north-east Erie tomorrow (we’re hoping to go via Seneca falls for some more spectacular scenery, but I suppose that will have to wait for tomorrow’s blog…).”