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Touring for two

7 October, 2013

Back in April, we had to leave Kate behind.  This time, she’s brought company…

“Anyone who thinks touring is glamorous has never spent their evening holed up in the bathroom typing a tour blog and waiting for a takeaway pizza to arrive. Odd behaviour? To be fair, the rest of the group are currently enjoying an all-expenses-paid dinner at a fine restaurant. The reason I have been left behind is not because I have been particularly badly behaved [Ed: we’ll see about that], but because I have my four-month old baby with me, and he is snoozing away angelically next door (he seems to have adjusted to the new time zone rather quicker than most of us).

“We have had an excellent start to the tour here in Poughkeepsie. Jet lag meant that the group woke at times ranging from 3am to 8am, but fortunately the concert today in the beautiful Skinner Hall of Music at Vassar College was an afternoon one, so there weren’t too many problems with singers dozing off in the concert! Having had to miss the last tour as I was heavily pregnant at the time, it feels great to be back in the States. I’d forgotten how appreciative the audiences are, how welcoming the people, and how huge the food portions.

Rehearsing at Vassar College

Rehearsing at Vassar College

“We managed to fit in a few walks around the campus to indulge in a bit of preliminary ‘leaf peeping’ before our trip to Vermont tomorrow. I’ve always wondered what all the fuss was about with leaves, but seeing the stunning colours on the drive from JFK to Poughkeepsie yesterday made me understand why the Fall is such a big deal in this part of the States. Baby Danny is quite obsessed with trees and leaves at the moment so he is very happy too. Travelling with a baby is hard work, and different from touring on my own. But everyone in the group has been very helpful and Danny has been getting a ridiculous amount of attention. He has been having a great time, and I’m sure he will love hearing about all his adventures as a baby when he is older!”