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Sustained by Sushi: or, The Longest Day

13 April, 2013

Today’s blog is by James Arthur, who is joining us for this tour to complete the line-up of four basses required for our Passion and Resurrection programme.  JArthur is very much part of the Stile Antico ‘family’, often singing with us as an extra bass or a deputy for one of our members, and he has recently notched up his hundredth concert with the group!

“The internal alarm clock is a strange phenomenon, whereby one’s brain wakes one up just  before one’s alarm goes off.  As an early riser myself, I was most pleased to note that several of us succumbed to it this morning when we had to leave our hotel at 0640 (0440 Pacific!) to catch our flight to Vancouver. After a disappointingly swift transfer to the airport (we’d been promised miles of traffic caused by people fleeing the snow) and a spot of de-icing of the aircraft’s wings, we were in the air and landed four hours later in rather wet weather. 


“Unbelievably, Budget managed to furnish us with vehicles even bigger than the Chevvy Suburban, which had conveyed us to Cape Cod, in the form of a couple of Ford Expeditions – surely the largest vehicle you can drive without an HGV licence!  The party split upon arrival at the hotel for a mixture of lunch, hot tubbing and napping before reconvening for the short trip to the Chan Centre at the University of British Columbia.


“Apart from the magnificent acoustics of the concert hall, another highlight of singing at the Chan Centre is the fabulous sushi provided for between the rehearsal and the concert, and we were not disappointed.  Even with a surfeit of fish and rice, the eight o’clock start to the concert, or ten o’clock in the time zone in which we had awoken, was a bit of a struggle.  However, we put on a performance of which we were proud, and the very welcoming audience appreciated it to the point of an encore being needed.  Just time for a night cap before a hopefully not too wet ferry trip to Vancouver Island tomorrow.”