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Sun, sand and… no singing.

9 April, 2013

A thoroughly relaxed Becky writes:

“Our Sunday having been given over to travelling and performing, we assigned today, Monday, as our day of rest. It certainly started that way for me with a blissful lie-in till 10.30. This did unfortunately mean I missed out on the hotel breakfast which I gather from my colleagues was exceptional. I heard mouth-watering tales of home-made granola, wholegrain pancake stacks, farm bacon sandwiches, organic house-baked beans, free-range eggs from caviar-fed chickens etc etc. It’s almost as if they were trying to make me envious. Contenting myself simply with a bag of nuts, I climbed into the car and joined a party of nine of us going to Compo Beach, ten minutes’ drive away. We stopped at Walgreens en route to buy suncream, flip-flops, sunglasses and beach balls. You will correctly surmise from this list of purchases that the weather was gloriously sunny and warm. Balm to the soul after a miserable few months of cold, snowy and wet weather in the UK!


“On arrival at the beach, some of the party made camp in order to relax and soak up the rays. A few of us took a gentle stroll along the oyster-shell-lined beach, admiring the clear water, the blue sky and the impressive holiday homes. Andrew, clearly feeling a lot more energetic than the rest of us, had even brought his trainers and running kit and managed to run 10km. Most impressive!

Andrew runs

“As if running 10km were not enough exercise, Andrew then played an energetic game of catch-the-novelty-rugby ball with Will and James while Matthew took action shots.


“Ben, in typically unhurried style, arrived a little bit later by taxi and promptly swept Helen off her feet (literally), carrying her down to the sea on his shoulder with the intention of dunking her.

helen to be punished              mr dawes puts a stop to tomfoolery

“Will soon waded in, however, to put a stop to such frivolity – luckily for Helen as the water was freezing. Eleanor had a quick paddle but James’ swimming trunks stayed firmly in his rucksack….

“Once we felt some of us might be in danger of starting to look a bit lobster-like, we headed to downtown Westport to explore. We found a wonderful Italian bar/restaurant called Arezzo’s with a very friendly proprietor where we enjoyed beer, iced coffee, cocktails and “gelato” in the sun. ‘We don’t serve ice cream,’ he said. ‘Only gelato’. Whatever one cares to call it, it was absolutely delicious!


“After this a few of us did a bit of shopping, took in a cocktail in the dying embers of the sun, and even found time to make friends with the locals…


“In the evening we had a very tasty meal at the hotel, after which most of us, exhausted after a hard day’s relaxation, retired to bed early. I cannot report on how the rest of the evening transpired for those who remained at the bar. Maybe Katie will fill you in on that tomorrow. For my part, I am going to sleep nice and early in order to be awake in good time for breakfast tomorrow!”