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Malls and melodies

On Tour 11 April, 2013

Malls and melodies

Here’s Ben on our first day in Minneapolis. “A true Brit always starts by talking about the weather. So, we left the sunshine in Westport for what was widely predicted to be the worst weather we’d ever seen – storms of Biblical proportions and 5 feet of snow. As it turns out, our first day in Minneapolis was only extreme for its dreariness. Grey,... continued
Getting to know you: Q+A with Stile Antico

On Tour 10 April, 2013

Getting to know you: Q+A with Stile Antico

Today’s blog comes from our intrepid reporter, Katie!

“Any long trip abroad inevitably involves rather a lot of travel.  This tour is no exception, and today I have made use of the ample time spent sitting in cars, on planes and in airports to reflect a little on my first year of touring with the group.

“My first Stile tour was... continued

Sun, sand and... no singing.

On Tour 9 April, 2013

Sun, sand and… no singing.

A thoroughly relaxed Becky writes:

“Our Sunday having been given over to travelling and performing, we assigned today, Monday, as our day of rest. It certainly started that way for me with a blissful lie-in till 10.30. This did unfortunately mean I missed out on the hotel breakfast which I gather from my colleagues was exceptional. I heard... continued

De-bassed in Westport

On Tour 8 April, 2013

De-bassed in Westport

Today’s blog is by Jim, whose ability to jump between tenor and bass was crucial at our Westport concert!

“This morning, with some bellies still heavy with Pepe’s pizza, we continued our road trip with a short journey on the I-95, heading southwest along the edge of Connecticut (does anyone articulate that second C?) from New Haven to Westport,... continued

Of piety and pie

On Tour 7 April, 2013

Of piety and pie

Will clearly enjoyed our day in New Haven, CT!

“Aside from a really wonderful concert in the pretty-much-perfect space of the Marquand Chapel at Yale, day three of the tour proper provided great pleasure with the first hints of a road trip, and the first meal out as a group.

“Rather than deal with public transport, wherever possible we prefer to hire... continued

Back in Boston!

On Tour 6 April, 2013

Back in Boston!

Emma writes:

“It’s great to be back in Boston for our fourth concert here! We started today reasonably bright-eyed considering the potential for jetlag, as most of us had slept pretty well in the very comfortable hotel. The morning was spent shopping, using the gym and the pool and relaxing ahead of what will be a very busy few days (three concerts in... continued
The calm before the storm

On Tour 5 April, 2013

The calm before the storm

Helen writes: “Before the hard work of the tour kicks off, some of us thought it would be fun to use the opportunity of being Stateside to check out some of the spectacular scenery in New England. So as our fellow singers were dodging the snow showers in London whilst doing their last-minute packing, eight of us have spent the last... continued
Meet Tom - our new bass!

On Tour 4 April, 2013

Meet Tom – our new bass!

It’s a big day for Stile Antico: we’re thrilled to announce our newest member, the bass Tom Flint!  Tom will be touring with us in the US and Canada. We thought we’d ask him a few questions, to give you a chance to get to know him.

Stile Antico: Of all our members, you’ve travelled the furthest to join the group!  Tell us a bit about yourself... continued

Left behind...

On Tour 3 April, 2013

Left behind…

A message from Kate:

“As the rest of the group is busy preparing for the tour by clearing their inboxes, loading their iPods (other digital music players are available) and getting their hair cut, I am stuck at home doing…..not much. Very sadly, I won’t be joining the group for the forthcoming tour to the US, as I am seven-and-a-half months pregnant, and... continued

A final spit and polish

On Tour 2 April, 2013

A final spit and polish

This morning found us at St Sepulchre-without-Newgate in the City of London, just up the road from St Paul’s Cathedral.  St Sep’s has been our unofficial home for several years, possessing as it does a winning (and surprisingly rare) combination of good acoustics, multiple spaces, reliable heating and modern kitchen and bathroom facilities:... continued

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics: or, How A Tour Comes To Be

On Tour 1 April, 2013

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics: or, How A Tour Comes To Be

A major international tour is quite an undertaking.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be giving ten concerts for ten different promoters in ten different cities, leading three masterclasses and recording several performances for radio.  We’ll be staying in nine different hotels, and once with host families;... continued

Happy Easter!

On Tour 31 March, 2013

Happy Easter!

The Easter Vigil is complete – the new flame kindled, the Paschal candle lit, the Exsultet sung and the risen Christ welcomed with bells, the Gloria, and the sound of the organ, silent throughout the austere Lenten season.  Easter morning has been celebrated with an orchestral mass, and perhaps a dash of Mascagni.  And church singers throughout London,... continued

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