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New York, New York

21 April, 2013

Yesterday was a quiet day, travelling between Kansas City and New York, so instead of giving you a blow-by-blow account of the merits of various American airports, we thought we’d ask our newest member, Tom, to give us some thoughts on his first tour with Stile Antico.


“Wandering the streets of New York on the last day of what has been a fairly epic three weeks in the US, it seems appropriate to reflect on my first tour as a member of Stile. My impression of the first portion is unfortunately coloured by the fact that a chest infection prevented me singing usefully in the Boston and Yale concerts, and at all in Westport! Depressing as it was, I still managed to enjoy myself enormously, even if it meant sitting in the audience and supporting from afar. It’s always beneficial to the learning process to watch from the wings – and to hear the members of the group making the best of having to rearrange their parts and positions to accommodate my absence, with individuals sometimes roving through multiple lines in a matter a several bars!

“Thankfully by the time we travelled to Canada, my voice had started to come back into its own and I could contribute in a way that was both enjoyable and satisfying.

“Besides the obvious musical bliss associated with singing thus repertoire, the trip has also been a magical opportunity to get to know each of the members of the group and I can feel even more certain that my future with Stile will be a long and utterly positive one. Even after three weeks away with everyone, I can’t wait for the next tour already!”

Our tour ends this afternoon with our third appearance in the excellent Music before 1800 series in New York City.  We love singing in this city and we’re always well supported! Then we’ll allow ourselves a drink or two to celebrate the end of three busy weeks, before heading for the airport and the red-eye flight back to London.  We’ll be posting some of our favourite memories from the trip tomorrow!