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Left behind…

3 April, 2013


A message from Kate:

“As the rest of the group is busy preparing for the tour by clearing their inboxes, loading their iPods (other digital music players are available) and getting their hair cut, I am stuck at home doing…..not much. Very sadly, I won’t be joining the group for the forthcoming tour to the US, as I am seven-and-a-half months pregnant, and the airlines tend to be a bit nervous about letting heavily pregnant women on their planes!

“I have been a member of Stile Antico since its formation in 2001, and have missed just one of the 200+ concerts we have performed since then. I am missing the tour for a very exciting reason, but it is still strange knowing that I will be twiddling my thumbs at home while the rest of the group are busy revisiting favourite concert venues and restaurants. While I am sad to be missing returns to Boston, Davidson NC, New York etc, in some ways it is even harder to be missing the first visit to the new places on the tour (e.g. Vancouver Island, Westport CT). I’m sure the group will perform brilliantly though, so hopefully a return visit will be on the cards in a few years time….

“We are very lucky that the wonderful Amy Wood has agreed to take my place on the tour. Amy has sung with Stile in a number of concerts before when we have needed a fourth soprano, and she fits in very well. It is great knowing that we have found such a capable deputy to fill my place while I’m busy painting the nursery and knitting baby booties.

“And, of course, the fact that there will be just two Ashbys on the tour, rather than three, might mean the rest of the group have to answer fewer post-concert questions about ‘Which ones are the Ashbys?’ and ‘Are they really all related?’….!  But who knows, the baby may join the family firm one day (or be a founder member of the long-expected Stile Juniors).”

It’ll be strange touring without you, Kate – we’ll miss you!