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Full of Beans

2 March, 2015

Eleanor filed this report of our day in t̶h̶e̶ ̶A̶r̶c̶t̶i̶c̶  Boston.


“Following a week of substantial and wholesome brunches, we had our first ‘polystyrene breakfast’ of the tour, courtesy of La Quinta. Having fought our way through the crowds to grab our few customary bagels and muffins and the odd plastic knife, we made our way to Penn station, the scene of a near-disaster on our first ever trip to the US. In our youthful naivety, we had underestimated both the length of time needed to hail a cab (the movies never show the hoardes that drive past fully occupied!) and the size of Penn station. Having enventually managed to get every member of the group into a vehicle, we found on arrival at the station that our various cabs had dropped us off at different entrances, and we had no idea even how to find each other, let alone the platform. By this point it was after our scheduled departure time, and we miserably thought that we’d missed the train that would have taken us to our debut performance in the esteemed Boston Early Music Festival. As luck would have it, however, the train was delayed, and we all made it safely on board.We later learned that the New York to Boston route is notorious for running behind schedule, but we weren’t taking any chances this time round! After a leisurely stroll along 32nd Street, we were treated to four hours of wintry wilderness, the Boston area having been hit particularly hard by the harsh weather this year.


From the train to Boston

“This was our 6th appearance in the Boston festival, and our 5th in the stunning acoustic of St. Paul’s, Cambridge, so we needed only a quick rehearsal to adjust to the sound of the building. The cold was a little harder to combat, and three hours later we huddled a little closer together than normal as we sang the opening bars of Morales’ Jubilate Deo. The audience must have been just as cold as us, but they gave us a warm and friendly welcome nonetheless!


“Following a successful concert, those with enough energy joined Bill Kempster and our friends from UNH for a quick drink, while the rest of us trudged hotel-wards through the freshly falling snow. Now en route to Miami, we’ve finally been able to exchange our snow boots for flip-flops and our thermals for swimwear!”