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Frozen Apple

1 March, 2015

Will blogs about a whirlwind visit to NYC.


“The last 24 or so hours have been one of the more intense times of the tour, with the generally-despised combo of a 6am alarm call, two flights, and a concert, all in the same day.

“With an alarm clock success rate of almost 100%, and temperatures still firmly the wrong side of zero, we set off from Kansas City at 6.15(ish). Two flights later, (during which we encountered some glorious views) we were greeted with warm sunshine but still sub-zero temperatures in NYC.


“Our venue for the concert was the church of St Mary the Virgin, Times Square, affectionately known as Smoky Mary’s due to the liberal use of incense during services. It’s a stunning venue, with a glorious acoustic, and somewhere that feels very familiar to us, this being our fourth performance there. Its sense of tranquility and calm is a curious juxtaposition with the general
mania in Times Square, not 50 yards outside the front door.


“In between the rehearsal and concert, we took advantage of the longer-than-normal break to either catch up with local friends, do the tourist thing, or head to Macy’s – the largest department store in the world. Andrew headed up the Empire State building, which rather dominated the views from our hotel, to catch the sunset.


“Although the venue was certainly not the coldest that we’ve encountered (i.e. not being in France), it seems that in these nippy temperatures, more and more of us are resorting to wearing thermals/ long johns during concerts. Here’s a delightfully camp photo of our legs:


“Wandering back to the hotel after the concert, I took the route through Times Square to sample the sights and atmosphere. As well as all the screens and lights, I encountered Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Elmo, Jack Sparrow, Captain America (twice), Batman (twice), and several other unidentified costumed beings. I wondered if there’s someone who controls the outfits? “Sorry, we’ve already got two Batman impersonators (Batmen?) – you’ll have to go home and change.”

“On our return to the hotel, it being the midpoint of the tour (or ‘the hump’, as it’s now known) it would have been a shame not to make the occasion with a trip to the roof top bar. So we did.”


Not entirely warm.