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Davidson to DC

18 April, 2013

Becky brings you today’s blog!

“Helen and I were woken at 7.30am by our wonderful host Mary as she was determined to send us off with a hearty Southern breakfast. We were ordered to be downstairs for 8am sharp! We duly arrived at the breakfast table only a few minutes late, suitcases all packed, and were treated to a lunch-scale breakfast of turkey patty, greens, celery and egg melange with couscous, followed by toast with Mary’s delicious home-made fig jam. Bidding her and her partner Bob a fond farewell, we jumped aboard the Davidson United Methodist Church mini-bus bound for Charlotte airport. More fond farewells at the airport to Kevin and Susan who had looked after us so well and helped to make the Davidson experience as wonderful as last time we were here. Bye y’all!

“Landing at Baltimore airport, Will could scarcely contain his excitement at visiting the back-drop of his much-loved The Wire (see Monday’s blog). Imagine his delight, then, on being approached and offered ‘products’ the second he sat down at the bus stop. I think the seller was referring to clothing rather than any illegal substances however – this lively character subsequently proceeded to change his trousers on the bus, rather disconcertingly.


“Having found our way to our hotel on the edge of Washington DC, we made our way to the Library of Congress where we were to perform, in the Coolidge Auditorium, in which works including Appalachian Spring and Apollon Musagete were premiered. Awed? Just a little!


“The highlight of the day for most of us was a tour of the Library complex which took in the stunning Reading Room, with its manuscripts of Brahms 3, a number of Rachmaninoff scores and all the Koussevitsky commissions amongst many others.  We were also shown a priceless Stradivarius collection (including Kreisler’s violin!) and Frederick the Great’s flute, the 2nd draft of the Gettysburg Address, artefacts from Lincoln’s assassination and Jefferson’s not inconsiderable library (4,929 books!)


“After a pre-concert talk by Andrew and Helen, we thoroughly enjoyed performing to an extremely enthusiastic and appreciative audience, spurred on in their applause by our friends in the DC-based vocal group, The Suspicious Cheese Lords. Thanks guys!”