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Confessions of an Errant Tenor

8 October, 2013

Ben didn’t have the best of mornings…

Lake George, en route to Vermont

Lake George, en route to Vermont

“Some bad things happened today. We knocked another hole in our carbon credentials with hundreds more miles driven by our convoy; some of us (okay, just me) succumbed to a late-morning burger at the Golden Arches. One car in the fleet (okay, yes, mine) put too much faith in the faulty TomTom and ended up travelling 90 minutes in slightly the wrong direction – a mistake that may have necessitated us catching a ferry to the CORRECT side of Lake Champlain. It also rained. Incessantly.

Crossing Lake Champlain the easy way

Crossing Lake Champlain the easier way

“But one or two things worked out quite well today: the emergency ferry ride and constant flooring of the accelerator meant we made it to our live radio broadcast (in Colchester, VT) with 15 minutes to spare. Just as well really – my precious cargo included the whole soprano section, presenting the terrifying prospect of one of the basses having to sing falsetto in the broadcast. After the excitement of the journey it was good to step into the Vermont Public Radio studios – a haven of tranquility with gentle classical music wafting around, fresh coffee on tap and a friendly radio host called Joe Goetz.

Stile Antico with VPR’s Joe Goetz and Walter Parker after the broadcast

“Other reasons to be happy included the fact we were driving through Vermont at the most colourful and picturesque time of year, that we could look forward to a bit of the famous American hospitality with our hosts on arrival; and that tomorrow we’re going to see some spectacular scenery around St Johnsbury by daylight.”

Our entire VPR broadcast is available to stream online – just click the play button below!  And we hope that some of you can join us tonight for our VT debut at North Congregational, St Johnsbury – click here for ticket details.