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At Home with Thomas Ashby Vann

6 March, 2014

Florida is nothing compared to Helen’s little ray of sunshine!


“While the others are jetting off stateside I’m sadly going to be left at home holding the baby. Literally.
Thomas was born on the 6th of February so he’s exactly a month old today, and we thought that might be a little early to inflict his first transatlantic flight on him.

“Today is mainly going to consist of nappy changes and feedings but we’re managing to squeeze in a trip to the baby cinema to see The Book Thief. These are special screenings where you can only get in if you bring a baby! You can imagine the noise, but luckily they turn the film up nice and loud to cover the racket.


“It’s a real shame to miss out on this trip, especially as it includes our first visit to Florida and I was looking forward to the possibility of getting up close and personal with some alligators. But I do feel a little better having looked at the temperature out in the other places the group will be travelling to at the moment!

“Thomas has generally been a complete delight and people keep telling me to enjoy it as they grow up so fast – it doesn’t feel fast enough when we get to the 4am feed! He’s certainly got a good pair of lungs and an impressive squeal on him and likes to get his point across, so I think he’ll feel very at home with the group.

“I’m looking forward to rejoining the gang for our Wigmore Hall concert on Saturday 22nd March, and also to taking Thomas on his first trip abroad when we go to Luxembourg at the beginning of April. In the meantime I’m looking forward to being entertained by the blog during the night feeds!”

The Stile babies: Thomas (left) meets Hannah (Andrew's daughter, centre) and Danny (Kate's son, right)

The Stile babies: Thomas (left) meets Hannah (Andrew’s daughter, centre) and Danny (Kate’s son, right)