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A Day in DC

26 February, 2015

Andrew brings us up to date on a busy 24 hours in Washington DC:

“After Tuesday’s eight-hour car journey from Davidson to DC, it was time for a change of pace. Helen, who is in charge of researching a ‘parallel itinerary’ (aka the fun stuff: where to eat and what to see) on these trips, had surpassed herself and procured us tickets to watch the Washington Wizards in the NBA.


“We always enjoy going to watch sport in the US – part entertainment, part cultural research! We’ve previously been to baseball (highlight: the seventh inning stretch) and ice hockey (the fighting), so we’ve nearly completed the set – just NFL to see on a future tour! The anthem, the razzmatazz, the applause for Veterans, the astonishingly high number of calories packed into a box of nachos and pouring cheese, the arcane rules and the baffling tendency for everyone to stop and have a rest just when things are getting exciting are all worlds away from our experience of sport back home.


“The game itself took a while to warm up but the Wizards rallied in the third quarter, briefly exciting the home fans (and disappointing Katie, since the opposition boasted a player named identically to her significant other) before subsiding in the fourth to the sound of pantomime booing. The biggest cheer of the night was undoubtably when the entire crowd won a free Chick-fil-A sandwich! (We may pass on those…)


“Wednesday dawned bright and cold, and after breakfast we devoted ourself to higher culture, dispersing around the city to take in the various museums and monuments. After a brief detour to see the White House in the snow I headed for the excellent National Gallery of Art; others went to the Lincoln and Martin Luther King memorials and to the Air and Space Museum.


“The afternoon saw us rehearsing at the pretty Church of the Ascension and Saint Agnes on Massachusetts Avenue. As often happens at this stage of a tour, one or two members are nursing sore throats and colds, and so we needed to swap personnel around for the one-to-a-part pieces.

“Our promoter, Owen Burdick, had assured us of the excellent acoustics of the building, and we were not disappointed! We much enjoyed both the concert and the reception afterwards, where we got to meet many of the large and enthusiastic audience to the decidedly un-Lenten accompaniment of prosecco and chocolate. And it was good to catch up with fellow early music ensemble, the marvellous-named Suspicious Cheese Lords (it’s a long story – the answer is here)!

“A day is far too little time to take in all that DC has to offer. Plans are afoot for us to return for a longer period early in 2016 – watch this space! In the meantime, the snow is falling outside as we prepare to travel onward to Kansas City – we hope the travel gods will be kind…”